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Hamenes Patrides (Book)

Hamenes Patrides (Book)

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Product Description:Author: Yianni Kapsi
Pages: 305
Format: Softcover
Language: Greek

500 years ago the last Byzantine Emperor Constantine Palaeologus fell, fighting at the Gate of the Romans as king of the Greeks. Mohammed entered the city on horseback, and after passing Agia Sophia; left a trail of bloody fingerprints on its marble columns. But the Kingdom did not fall - the dream of the great Greece maintained its luster. It warmed the souls of slaves for five centuries. And in the secret schools, instead of prayers, the teachers whispered: "After years, in due time, again it will be ours ...".

Today the dream has dissolved; the lamp of hope extinguished. Nothing remains except for the nostalgia of lost homelands and the unburied bones of thousands of our heroes, who did not get their revenge. The Kingdom did not fall in 1453; in September of 1922 it was stepped on by the Turks...

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