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My Greek Drama - Gianna Angelopoulos (Book)

My Greek Drama - Gianna Angelopoulos (Book)

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Product Description:Author: Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 400
Language: Greek

Life, Love, and One Woman's Olympic Effort to Bring Glory to Her Country

Standing alone in the VIP box of the Olympic Games in 2004, Gianna Angelopoulos began to dance. The world had doubted Greece’s ability to successfully stage this global event. She danced to celebrate the efforts of all Greeks-and her own-to host a phenomenally successful games, an effort that showed the world a new Greece, a Greece worthy of its illustrious heritage.

Little did she know that a few years later her country would abandon the lessons of the Olympics and become embroiled in a political and economic crisis that would devastate Greece, and threaten the economic security of Europe.

Her life, her Cinderella love story, and her intensity of will are equally unforgettable. From stories of handing out basil seeds on the streets of Athens to entertaining royalty and political leaders in London, Zurich, and Athens, My Greek Drama captures the burning ambition of the rebellious girl from the island of Crete who lit the Olympic torch. Her story should help rekindle the spirit of the Greek people, and of every person who has ever struggled to change the world.

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