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I Sfragida Tou Rodou (Book)

I Sfragida Tou Rodou (Book)

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Product Description:Author: Vicky Stoufi
Pages: 670
Format: Softcover
Language: Greek

In 16th century England, a midwife stalked by a ruthless ruler, tries to protect the baby Heloísa who bears a birth mark that looks like a rose and is passed on from generation to generation of women of the same genealogical tree. According to an age-old prophecy, every woman who bears this mark has the ability to predict the future, so Heloísa is wrestled from the arms of her protector and ends up in the hands of an English lord.

In present day Heraklion, Crete, a twenty year old girl is retrieved from the sea and taken to a hospital where she dies. Shortly before she dies, she reveals to the English doctor who is trying to save her that a man named Dante has kept her and her sister Daphne prisoner on a yacht. Daphne who lives in Venice, is in danger and bears the birth mark of the rose...

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